TheCoinTrust Review – A Trading Partner for The Long Run

The advent of the digital world brought along the era of “trends”. Similarly, the financial trading world is also one where one often faces these trends in terms of types of assets being traded, types of markets being invested in and so on. 

Speaking of trends, every trend has a trendsetter, an influencer of sorts. Today, our topic of review is TheCoinTrust, an influencer and a trendsetter in the financial industry.

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TheCoinTrust: Who, What, Where and How?

TheCoinTrust is a brokerage trading platform seeking to bridge the disconnect between financial markets and people wishing to enter the world of financial trading. 

Any trading platform’s basic support system is the trading interface. TheCoinTrust has invested in a superior trading platform to supplement its investors trading plans.

They have a global presence ensuring that all investors, regardless of time zone or geographical location are able to access and utilize its features without any restriction.

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Trade Facilities

The trading facilities offered by TheCoinTrust are second to none. Despite being a relatively new brokerage house, TheCoinTrust has fast developed a rapport for seeking out the best professionals in the industry to develop its financial trading net.

This trading platform is built by a third party software house and licensed to TheCoinTrust for their exclusive use. The features of TheCoinTrust’s unique trading platform are:

  • Order execution methodologies
  • News feed
  • Trade scanning tools
  • Research tools
  • Charting for technical analysis
  • Built in algorithm that provides trading recommendations based on user history
  • Support function to access customer support and technical support

TheCoinTrust Trade Products Within The Platform

TheCoinTrust has sought to provide frictionless flow between the investor and the market. Primarily, they seek to cater to beginners and aggressive traders alike. Therefore, their product offering encompasses a wide range of financial asset classes. 

These are:

Passive Traders Vs Active Traders

Are you a passive trader or an active trader? The distinction is defined in the following means:

  1. A passive trader is one who invests in a financial asset and “forgets” about it and only checks in from time to time to decide to whether sell the asset they own in their portfolio.
  2. An active trader is someone who is actively involved in trading sometimes day to day or even hour to hour.
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TheCoinTrust’s trading mechanism encompasses both traders along the following lines:

  1. The web trading platform aims to cater to both active and passive traders
  2. Trading mobile application for primarily passive traders who can get basic information about their portfolio. Active traders cannot sustain their portfolio with just a trading application because it is prone to disruptions.

Crypto Trading Features

TheCoinTrust is part of a handful of trading platforms that offer a range of cryptocurrencies. The thing is, cryptocurrency is limited in supply and needs to be “mined” before the supply can increase. Hence, that limited supply of cryptocurrency is accessible only to a select few platforms. TheCoinTrust is one of those platforms that prides itself on being available for all types of financial assets it’s clients would wish to trade. Hence, if you are on board with TheCoinTrust, you don’t need any other trading platform.

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Some of the cryptocurrencies available with TheCoinTrust are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple XRP
  • Dogecoin

These are just a few names, many more are rolled onto the platform as they become available, ranging from the most popular to the up and coming.

Platform Security And Client Data

Apart from reliability of a platform, the major downside of most platforms stems from their lax attitude towards data privacy and security. However, with TheCoinTrust you are secure in that area since they are deeply invested in end to end encryption technology. This protects client data in event of any data leak, hence, your name and other personal details are never at risk and you can trade in peace.

The only downside of TheCoinTrust is that their mobile application is not fully adaptable to the needs of an active trader. 

Since overall it is a robust and reliable platform, contact TheCoinTrust today and partner with them in your journey as an investor or trader.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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