The Fashion History of American Straw Hats

It is mandatory to talk about straw hats whenever there is a discussion of hats. American Straw hats are the best accessory to complete the look. The best part about the American straw hat is it goes with any look, be it a seaside look or casual. If one is looking for a complete outfit in winter or summer straw hat is a must-have. They are diverse and comes in various shapes and sizes. In various cases, they are compared to sunglasses as they shield you from the scorching heat of summer and protect you from ultraviolet rays. It is a ubiquitous item that goes with every event. There are various options available when it comes to choice, but nothing can beat the American Straw hat.


The first instance recorded in the history of straw hats is in the 15th Century. It is a belief that the first straw hat was worn in Europe and Asia. The people working in paddy fields used to wear them to protect them from heat. The most famous example of straw hat illuminated in the French Gothic manuscript (1412-1416) is shown on the heads of men. By the 1700s and 1800s, women of France and Europe starts to wear them. The straw hat was immortalized when Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait it in the year 1887.

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By the early 1900s, straw hats have adopted by everyone. It was President Theodore Roosevelt who made straw hats into a fashion statement in America. He wore the American straw hat in 1906 on a visit to Panama Canal. In 1944 the American straw hat became the number 1 item to export from Ecuador.

The popularity of American straw hats gained momentum in the years and was for an accessory purpose. The durable hats nature made them an inevitable part of women’s wardrobe. In the coming years, they became beach accessories and gained momentum in the fashion industry of both men and women. Many VIPs started wearing them with their outfits.

American Straw Hat and Fashion Industry: Connection

Various industries are changing in a fast way, but no industry changes dynamically than the fashion industry. Over time so many aspects of the industry have evolved. Over the years,American straw hats have also evolved from the first time. Their first appearance in the fashion world was in the 1900s when they are showcased on frayed edge. In 1976 they got recognition from the French fashion industry. It was not hard to establish this over-the-top accessory.

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They have remained in fashion ever since and revived from time to time in different colours and designs. In 2007, various designers designed conical straw lids in American straw hats.


The important feature of American straw hats is their low maintenance and subtle look. We can find no alternative to American straw hats regarding fashion, age, class of people, and gender of people. They are universal and dynamic. It is the one piece of style that has crossed various borders.

Types of Hats

There are so many options one can use in straw hats apart from American Straw Hats such as-

  • Villager straw hat- As the name signifies, it is a straw hat worn by villagers and is popular there. These hats are comfortable and designed for people who work in fields. They are cool, and the material is sea-grass with no adulterations.
  • Sea-grass straw hat- This hat is funky and relaxing because of its breathable nature. The feature that differentiates this hat and others is the way it is made. This hat is loosely woven and is not like American straw hats that are tightly stitched. They are funky because they are available in various colors and not just in black and white.
  • New Port Straw Hats- If one looks to have an outfit for a beach party port straw hat is a must-have. They are quite useful for beach looks and parties because they not only protect you from the sun, they give you a casual look without any hassle. Easy to carry, lightweight, crushable, durable. They are a must to carry when traveling. They come with a high crown and will give you some Instagram-worthy pictures.
  • Boxcar straw hats: These hats are best to have during workdays and wearable in summers and winters. Gives one a cool look. They are available with a hook and a carrier.
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American straw hats have come a long way since the 1700s. It’s been so many years, yet managed to bounce back in the fashion industry with some amendments and new styles. Going by recent trends, they have gained a great deal of fan base. They are also quite affordable. Since they come in various shapes and designs, one may select a hat that best suits him/her. The hat is an accessory that goes with any style, color, looks and, occasion.

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