The Exciting Rivalry between Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors

The 1970s and 1980s also had some incredible tennis players. By the way, if you like to wager on incredible kabaddi players you can visit and make live bets on them.

Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl were some of the best players of the era. Both of them developed a huge rivalry that originated from the fantastic achievements they managed to obtain. In total, Lendl and Connors played a total of 35 times between themselves. The former won 22 of those matches, while the latter won the remaining 13. The 1xBet website is a fully-fledged website available for all punters who want to wager on the best tennis players from all over the world.

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Lendl’s domination

Ivan Lendl held an edge over Jimmy Connors in basically any kind of match they played. Only in Davis Cup matches Connors had an advantage. It should be remembered that, while Lendl is currently an American citizen, he was born in and represented Czechoslovakia in the Davis Cup. He was defeated by Connors in the only Davis Cup match they played against each other. Speaking about international competitions, the kabaddi betting odds at 1xBet are really good, and they can also be used for wagering on great tournaments.

Some of the tournaments were Lendl dominated over Connors were:

  • Grand Slams;
  • Masters Grand Prix;
  • and ATP International series.

There were also two matches between both players that took place in WCT Finals. Where each of them won a match. The betting odds at 1xBet for kabaddi, tennis and many other sports are really good, and you can always use them for making highly profitable wagers.

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An interesting evolution

Jimmy Connors is approximately seven years older than Ivan Lend. For this reason, there is an interesting pattern that emerges when looking at all matches they played against each other. Take advantage of 1xBet’s great tennis odds – live tennis betting odds and lines are available for a wide range of competitions of this sport.

The first match between these players was in 1979. Connors was 27 years old and Lendl 19 at the time. The former got a clear victory.

Because of their age difference, Connors won the first eight matches against Lendl. Only in the 9th match the latter was able to get his first victory, which happened in 1982.
Connors got his last victory against Lendl in 1984. The series was 13-5 in his favor at that time. Most surprisingly, Lendl won the next 17 consecutive matches, in order to put this series on its final score of 22-13 in his favor. At 1xBet there are live tennis betting odds and lines that can be used when wagering on the best players, and these tennis odds are the best in the market.

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