Six Fitness Tips All Personal Trainers Should Know

If you’ve clicked on this article then Congratulations! On taking a step ahead to get in shape and better health. No! you don’t need to get that expensive gym membership; you don’t need extensive gym equipment either. All you need is a yoga mat and high-quality workout leggings from firmabs. Here you get superior quality leggings with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Fetch yourself some extra 10% discount by using the code WELCOME on Cargo Leggings.

  • Create a vision in mind and create it! – take out the printout pictures, affirmations that resonate the most with your fitness goals. The science behind the vision board is that it primes the brain to take opportunities (even the little ones). your subconscious mind will imbibe everything that’s on your board. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to have a particular body type. Also, prioritize healthy food, happy faces, your aesthetic, and everything that connects to your higher self. Put it in a place where you can see it very often. Feel free to change your vision board when you accomplish your new goals.
  • Every step counts no matter how small- changes are dynamic, they are very little and slow. consistency is the biggest challenge especially when there is no or “visible” progress. Don’t forget to appreciate your efforts, even the little ones and over time all those steps will add up and make you take a giant leap forward. Even if you have a busy day or skipped a workout for 2 days straight. It is okay, before you go into any panic mode, at least hit 5 to 10 minutes of workout, a stretch or a brisk walk can do a lot. Break the cycle of feeling stuck and low when your plans don’t go as you’ve decided. 
  • You can still find a way weight isn’t compulsory- there is a plethora of workout that will give brilliant results even without weights. Make sure you have basic equipment such as a yoga mat, the superior quality of your favorite workout legging, and optional resistance band. That’s it! Start from very basics like walking, running, and stretching, and then increase your intensity. You can achieve your goals even without weight. There are plenty of people who have achieved results with low intensity yet consistent workouts. 
  • Keep your thoughts more positive and mindful- while taking care of your body do not forget about your mental well-being. Don’t be mindful of what goes into your body but also in your mind and soul. Stop comparing yourself to the people you see on Instagram. get off your phone and start going on. Connect with your family and loved ones. Go out in nature and observe the healing energy it has. Absorb the beautiful patterns in the sky, observe the nature around you. Feel the moment, smile at a stranger. avoid the escalator and take the stairs instead. Being mindful will keep your mind focused and calm. Mindfulness is the key.
  • Make commitments- you don’t need a personal trainer who would push your limits. you are sufficient, it’s you who completes all the tasks from beginning to end. You might have an amazing cheerleader but you are the one who will make all the decisions all by yourself.
  • Exercise daily- it is recommended to work out for at least 40 min a day to stay healthy. you don’t need to follow the intensity training. Don’t run or jog right from the first day, especially if you are not the one who works out . . start with a brisk walk after a meal. Sprint or skipping can do a lot. In case of any prevalent condition do consult a doctor or a specialist. You will feel pain but it will disappear after regular sessions of workout make sure to stretch before and after. Keep yourself hundred and inculcate protein into your diet. The Key is to increase muscle mass and reduce stubborn fat.
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Keep your equipment minimal, too much equipment can increase the complexities and accidents. Sometimes this manifests into long-term injuries. Thus, start with minimal. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing such as workout leggings from firm abs or a tight-fitting breathable garment.

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