What are the most frequently asked SAFe Agile Interview Questions?

SAFe is the acronym for the scaled agile framework and is one of the leading agile frameworks in the whole world which has been perfectly used by industries across the globe. This is considered to be the best possible way of ensuring that continuous business development will be easily made available to people and there will be no chance of any kind of problem. All the questions which are asked in the interview will always depend upon the level of the individuals whether they are beginners or experts in the field. So, having a good command over the SAFe training is very much important for the people and the following are some of the very basic questions which will be asked in the interview to the candidates:

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What is agile and list the frameworks?

 Agile is considered to be the methodology that will help in promoting continuous development as well as testing throughout the project. It will ultimately help in providing the people with the flexible response and rapid change and some of the common frameworks include scrum, SAFe, lean development and several other kinds of aspects.

What are the dimensions of built-in quality?

 The built-in quality will include different kinds of dimensions like flow, architecture and design quality, code quality, system quality and release quality.

What are the different levels of SAFe?

 The different levels of the SAFe are the team, program, value stream and portfolio. All of these frameworks are very much important for the people to be clear about in terms of implementation so that the best possible business results can be easily delivered by them.

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What are the core competencies of the latest version of SAFe?

 The core competencies will be enterprise solutions delivery, agile product delivery, team and technical agility, leadership, lean portfolio management, continuous learning curve and organisational agility in the whole process.

What are the metrics used in the SAFe?

 The very basic metrics to be used in the SAFe will be a large solution, program, team and portfolio in the whole process. All of these are very much important in terms of measuring the performance of the organisations in terms of progressing the things so that overall objectives are very easily achieved without any kind of problem.

What is the value stream in the cases of SAFe?

The value stream is known as the collective term for all the steps involved in the time of customer order to the time of delivery. It will help include the people who will be developing the new solutions and technology as well as the continuous flow of information to the customer. The very basic steps over here will be the operational value stream along with several other kinds of things so the development of the products will be easily made available to the people without any kind of problem.

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Apart from all the above-mentioned points people also need to be clear about the basic technicalities of the SAFe field so that there is no chance of any kind of problem and everybody can perfectly answer the SAFe agile interview questions confidently and secure their position in the organisations very well.

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