Queen Size Comforter Dimensions

If you want to cover your mattress, a comforter is a must. The width and length of a comforter are measured from left to right along the top edge of the mattress. The depth of the comforter is measured from the top of the cover to the floor. Make sure that you double the distance between the top of the body and the mattress. If you find that the comforter is too short or long, you may want to consider a shorter one.

A warm comforter contributes to a more inviting and comfortable sleeping environment. A bedspread can also establish the tone for the room’s decor. Whether you’re shopping for a down comforter or a duvet cover, you want to make sure your bedding fits your mattress correctly.

You can also buy oversized comforters for mattresses with a pillow-top. Typically, a queen comforter is 98 inches wide, but an oversized comforter is maybe 115 inches wide. The large variety is a good compromise between two standard sizes for those who want a wide comforter. However, the extra length is not necessarily a desirable trait. The length is an important consideration.

What Kind of Comfort Should You Have?

On every side and at the foot of the bed, your comfort should hang at an identical distance. The comforter should lie below the mattress and over the top of the bed skirt when using a box spring and mattress combination (about one-third of the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor). The comforter should cowl the sides of the bed frame but not the floor if there is no box spring.

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How To Take Mattress Measurements?

It’s a good idea to measure your queen bed before you start searching for a comforter. Measure the width and thickness of your mattress to determine the proper bedding width. After that, add the two numbers together.

It should be 60 inches broad if you have a typical queen-size mattress. Choose a comforter at least 84 inches wide if your bed is 12 inches high. The majority of ordinary mattresses are 9 to 12 inches tall. Adding a pillow top or extra comfort layer, on the other hand, can bring the thickness up to 15 or 20 inches. You can select the proper comforter size for your mattress by taking a quick measurement.

Queen-Size Comforter

  • To purchase the correct size comforter, know the size of your bed. Most brands sell a single comforter in full and queen sizes. A full-size mattress is 54 by 75 inches in length, while a queen-sized bed is 60 by 80 inches in width. As such, a queen-sized comforter can range from 81 to 88 inches wide. This can cause a significant gap in size between the two, which will result in a poorly-fitting comforter.
  • Remember that a king-size bed is more significant than a queen-sized bed. A queen-size comforter falls close to the floor on three sides, while a king-size comforter falls close on both sides and at the foot of the bed. It is essential to check the dimensions of your bed before buying a comforter, as this can aid you in making an informed decision about the size and style.
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King Size Comforter

· The size of a comforter depends on the mattress. The width of a comforter should be at least eighty-eight inches, and the length should be 96 inches. If you have a standard queen-size bed, you will need a queen-sized comforter. A king-size bed needs a king-sized or a king-size comforter. Once you know the dimension of your bed, you can choose the appropriate size.


1.   Before buying a comforter, you need to know the size of your mattress. You can easily calculate the width by doubling the length of your mattress. You should also measure the height and width of the mattress. Once you have this information, you can buy a comforter to fit your mattress. If you need to purchase a queen-sized comforter, measure the length of your mattress. Using this method will find the correct dimensions of a comforter.

2. The length and width of a comforter should be equal to the height and width of the mattress. The size of a comforter should be at least ten inches longer than the width of the bed. This is to ensure that the comforter covers the entire mattress. The length of the comforter should be between 86 and 88 inches. If you are not so particular about the size of the mattress, it is also wise to check the depth of your bed.

3. When buying a comforter, you should know the size of your mattress. The width of a comforter should cover the entire mattress, not just the bed base. It should be at least 12 to 15 inches longer than the width of your mattress. This is the standard size for a queen-size bed. When buying a queen-size comforter, it is essential to know the thickness of the mattress. If it is too fast, it will not cover the entire mattress and should be oversized or a queen-size comforter. With the right size, you can shop online for your comforter.

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4. The width of the comforter should match the width of the mattress. A queen-sized comforter should be at least eighty inches wide by ninety-eight inches long. Moreover, it should have a sham on the top. If the comforter is too oversized, it will be too bulky. If you are concerned about the length, it is better to buy a half-inch longer comforter than the mattress.

5. When you are done buying your comforter, you need to keep in mind purchasing the perfect bed sheet for a comfortable sleep. A bed sheet for your bed with a thread count of 500 is said to be a good bedsheet for every bed. 


A comforter is a must-have for a bedroom. If you are concerned about space in your bedroom, a blanket may be the best option. A single-layer cover is easier to fold and fit in a smaller room. There are many advantages to having a down comforter, but the most crucial benefit is its warmth. You will feel warm even in the hottest of summers. So, choose a comforter that matches your climate and your preferences.

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