Is Axie Infinity Token a Good Investment?

Blockchain games turned the understanding of computer games upside down. If earlier we played games to pass levels and receive bonuses, then now we play to earn real money, which is the reason why such games are called “play-to-earn games”. One of the first and brightest representatives of this concept is the Axie Infinity platform. Let’s talk about it and find out the prospects of the AXS coin.

 What is Axie?

The game developers took inspiration from popular Tamagotchi and Pokémon games and created the Axie Infinity game platform with cute little creatures (NFTs) that players can breed, collect, play, sell, buy, trade and battle against one another.

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Third parties can access those tokens and develop their products and tools based on the Axie Universe, thus, expanding the platform.

There are around 500 different items in the game, which players can use and model their own creatures from. All the tokens are divided into:

  • Rare
  • Super rare
  • Legendary.

By passing levels in the game and winning NFT battles, players receive resources to upgrade their tokens, buy additional items, etc.

Is EXS Token a Good Investment?

The cryptocurrency market is now declining, which is why all crypto rates have dropped significantly, and the AXS token is no exception. As of mid-November 2022, the token costs $6.37. The peak of the price of AXS coin was fixed at the mark of $165.37 in November 2021. So we can see an intense decline in the coin’s price during the last year. The market downtrend was not the only reason why the AXS token dropped. In March 2022, the project lived through a challenging time caused by a hacker attack when  $625 million were stolen.

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The fact is that the play-to-earn platform did not update its game scenarios for a long time, so many large players lost interest in this game. So the future of this project depends on how it improves its platform and, of course, how secure it will be.

The AXS coin is available on many large crypto platforms, including WhiteBIT. In addition, it allows registered users to buy crypto with real money via bank cards.

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