How to Prepare for Technical Online Interviews in 2023?

Online interviews have grown in popularity as a technique for conducting job interviews in recent years. Online interviews have, however, grown to be a crucial component of the employment process as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has caused a shift towards distant work and virtual contact. A different set of skills are needed for technical online interview preparation than for in-person interview preparation. We’ll give you some advice on how to be ready for a technical online interview in this article. Everything from technical issues to first impression strategies will be covered. These pointers can help you put your best foot forward and raise your chances of success in the virtual interview process, regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate looking for your first job. Thus, if you’re getting ready for an upcoming online interview, keep reading to learn how to dazzle your prospective employer and get the job of your dreams.

What are the different rounds you can expect in a technical online Interview?

As a matter of fact, these days companies do not only focus on the technical knowledge of the candidates, they also intend to analyze the overall thinking ability of the candidate to picture him or her in various scenarios. As a result of this, a candidate preparing for his or her technical online interviews in 2023 needs to also be prepared for a cognitive ability test for hiring along with their core subject knowledge.

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Usually, the hiring procedure consists of an aptitude round, followed by technical coding assessments, and finally summing up with psychometric tests, behavioral tests, communication assessments, and final HR discussions round. Additionally, a few companies also ask for one-to-one technical interviews before the HR discussions. These rounds are intended to filter out the best set of candidates for the job profiles and thus you cannot really afford to loosen up your preparations before you are actually hired by one of those big corporate names.

The slightest difference in the efforts and strategies can be the deciding factor whether you will be able to make it to the big companies or not. So, in the next sections, we are going to frame a perfect strategy that will help you get geared for your online proctoring-based interviews in less than 2 months’ time. So let us get started with it without any further delay.

Strategy to crack your online interviews in 2 months’ time

Let us be very clear, we are considering the time span of 2 months here in this section with the view in mind that you have already done your Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems, and other core subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Object Oriented Designing, etc. and have built at least two projects for your interview discussion. By any chance, if you are just getting started, please start from scratch and get a firm grip on basic concepts quickly by practicing as many questions as possible. Remember consistency is the key! No matter how much effort you make to learn a concept, unless you keep revising it, eventually, it will fade away.

So if keeping the above assumptions in mind, let us try to craft a good strategy for you to ace the online technical interview in 2023.

  • Form a group of friends, discuss, and solve as many coding questions as possible in a day.
  • Be consistent, solve problems daily, and keep revising what you have learned time-to-time.
  • Get started with solving Reasoning and Mathematical aptitude-based questions, and learn tricks to solve them in lesser time. Remember time and accuracy is the key here and you can only achieve the two by rigorous practice. So try to solve at least 10 problems of each type daily. Also set up a time deadline for yourself to solve each question, and try to eventually get faster with the calculations.
  • Learn about the psychometric tests and what recruiters wish to hear in behavioral rounds, from various YouTube speakers.
  • Make a resume with all the details of your academic qualifications, skill set, projects that are undertaken by you, and internship/work experiences. Make sure to get reviews on your Resume from as many people as possible. You can ask your LinkedIn connections to review it and suggest changes if any. Keep updating your resume and applying to various job postings on different platforms.
  • Finally, get used to the coding environment and practice a few mocks on the online platforms so that the environment does not feel alien to you during the time of assessment.
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Things to keep in mind just before the assessment session

You should keep yourself calm and composed before the technical online assessment session begins. Be confident about your preparations, enthusiastic about the opportunity, and optimistic that you will perform well. Keep a check on your stationery items, camera angle, light condition, electricity, and internet backup. Make sure the place is well-lit with lights and that your face and eyes are clearly visible. Keep an ID card along with you for ID verification. Avoid any kind of noise and disturbance that may trigger a warning or negatively impact your scores.

Make sure to note down the contact details for the portal support so that in case of downtime or any other problem you can discuss solutions with them without panic. Try to attempt the mental ability test as quickly as possible so that you can save your energy and focus on the technical coding round.

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Mercer | Mettl is a great platform that various big brands across the industry use for online recruitment assessment. Mercer | Mettl can be used to conduct various test rounds for hire at very affordable pricing. As a student, you can take up mock tests on Mercer | Mettl and prepare yourself for the interviews with previously asked questions by the company. This can help you better strategize the topics you need to focus more upon, as well as get you familiar with the environment of Mercer | Mettl.

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