How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs without Chemicals

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem for business owners and homeowners alike. While bed bug infestations can be difficult to treat, there are a variety of non-toxic methods for detection and treatment that can provide effective control of these pests without the use of harsh chemicals. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of bed bugs without the need for chemical treatments, both through DIY efforts as well as professional pest control services.

DIY Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment Options

The first step in getting rid of bed bugs is identifying where they’re hiding. 

A thorough inspection should be done to check all areas where you sleep or spend time on a regular basis. This includes mattresses, box springs, headboards and foot boards, night stands, sofas and chairs; any place where someone may rest or sit regularly could potentially harbor a bed bug infestation. 

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Once you’ve identified potential hotspots during your inspection process it’s important to vacuum them thoroughly using either a handheld or upright vacuum cleaner with an attachment specifically designed for removing debris from tight spaces such as crevices between mattresses and furniture joints etc.

After vacuuming ensure that you dispose off all vacuum bags outside away from your home/business premise immediately since most bags contain dead/live insects which if not disposed properly could lead to re-infestation at later stages.

Another popular non-toxic method used is steam cleaning. You can use steam to cleanse mattress seams , carpets , upholstery etc.

Steam cleaners work effectively against adult insects (bedbugs) due their ability generate high temperature water vapors which kill the target insect quickly upon contact . 

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When using steam cleaners make sure not leave any wet spots behind since dampness encourages mold growth leading to secondary problems like allergies etc. It’s also recommended that one uses a HEPA filter when steaming large surfaces or rooms in order prevent dust particles escaping into atmosphere causing health hazards.

If neither vacuuming nor steam cleaning works then encasing your mattress & pillows within special vinyl covers might help reduce chances of further invasion, while allowing existing bed bugs trapped inside to starve to death, thereby helping speed up extermination process .. These covers act like barriers trapping live adults , nymphs & eggs thus reducing chances of cross contamination from other parts house / office building. Encasements also help protect newly purchased beds free from being infected by migrating populations existing elsewhere property. Encasements must be left in place for at least a year since bed bugs can survive without food for up to a year.

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Professional Pest Control Services For Bed Bugs

When faced with severe cases involving bed bugs spread across entire premises seeking help from experienced professionals may provide relief much quicker compared tackling yourself. 

Professional exterminators have access to a host of tools and equipment including professional heat treatment equipment designed to kill all bed bugs in any room with 100% success rate. Professionals also have sniffer dogs that can detect the bed bugs no matter where they are hiding. 


Getting rid of bedbugs without the use of harsh chemicals is possible but often requires diligence on behalf homeowner / business owner plus assistance from pest control specialists when needed… Remember prevention is better cure.

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