How to Earn Effectively From Online Casino Partnerships

If the theme of your project is suitable for the promotion of gambling niche – try a casino partner program. Affiliate programs online casinos – one of the most profitable and versatile ways to monetize traffic. Even those who never knew about it before can afford to get good income, which allows online casino owners and affiliate marketing professionals, accordingly. 

How site owners can make money, with the help of gambling affiliate programs

Everyone is looking for a way to make a quick buck online. This niche is characterized by a wide target audience and high royalties, which allows you to earn on almost any traffic: 

  • thematic website;
  • Facebook ads;
  • streaming;
  • YouTube channel;
  • online cinemas;
  • email newsletters and more.
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Website owners advertising gambling services can earn a substantial income. Commission webmaster is a high percentage of casino profits: 40, and 50, and sometimes 60%. If an affiliate provides an opportunity to work with payment for registration of clients or CPA, the remuneration can grow up to $150-200 per player.

The player, who came by unique affiliate link, such as is assigned to the webmaster forever, and the commission can come every time the person makes a bet.

Types of resources whose traffic is of interest to casino affiliate programs

Target audience is active players who will be playing for months and even years, making stable deposits and, of course, losing, and it is the players’ losses that constitute a source of income for the owners. 

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Online casinos are not interested in people who bet their last money once because they are unlikely to come back later. 

If you draw a portrait of a target customer, it is predominantly men, although a large number of women, aged 25+, play in Western countries. Such an audience is most attracted to sites of entertainment nature: 

  • online cinema sites, 
  • thematic forums, 
  • sites for adults.

The following is a look at the cooperation models that will bring the very profits.


With this model, the webmaster receives a percentage of the casino’s profits: from 40 to 75%, depending on the conditions of the affiliate and the volume of traffic. Please note, the percentage is calculated on the casino’s profits, as the rate includes a certain percentage of licenses for the use of games.

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A player who comes to the casino using your unique link, makes a deposit, and the affiliate program pays a percentage of this deposit, usually 20-30%. In comparison with the previous model this one is much safer, since there’s no risk to lose. 


The cost per lead scheme implies a fixed amount for registering a new player. Payouts are usually rather high – $50-150. Usually casinos offer such conditions only to reliable partners.


This is a mix of CPA and one of the first two models. Usually it works like this: you get a small payout, about 30-40% of CPA for your first deposit, and about 20% for Revshare.

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