How to Deal with a Burn Injury Caused by Toxic Chemicals

There are a lot of people across the world who are exposed to harmful chemicals every day because of their job roles. Whether in factories or laboratories or housekeepers using acids to clean washrooms, harsh chemicals are toxic to human health and, if not handled with care, can cause severe injuries.

The most common chemical injury people face is a chemical burn, which happens when the skin accidentally comes in contact with an acidic chemical. Most acids cause the skin to burn and turn whitish; some also form boils. If you have faced chemical burn injuries at work and the employer is failing to compensate, you must think of hiring an experienced burn injury attorney who will guide you to file a compensation case. 

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Understanding Chemical Injuries and Burns

Also recognized as caustic burns, chemical injuries are severe injuries caused by exposure to toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals leave behind harsh reactions on the skin and, in the worst scenarios, can also damage the internal organs.

Chemical burn injuries can affect the first, second, and third layers of skin; the deeper the wound, the higher the risk. Doctors usually treat these burns with antibiotics, itchiness-relief gels, creams, intravenous fluids, etc. 

When accidentally exposed to toxic chemicals, there is a high risk of cuts and burns that are life-risking. In such circumstances, people are advised to immediately contact emergency services like 911 or nearby doctors. The more time the wound is exposed to air, the more contaminated it becomes. 

What Can Cause Chemical Burn Injuries?

Not just people working in chemical factories or laboratories have the highest risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and injuries; it can happen to anyone. Usually, chemical burn injuries are a threat to those who work with:

  • Ammonia and bleaches.
  • Car battery acids.
  • Acids for cleaning washrooms.
  • Denture cleaners.
  • Pool chlorination chemicals.
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5 Ways to Deal with Chemical Burn Injuries

When and how you will be exposed to toxic chemicals and suffer chemical burn injuries is unpredictable, but knowing how to deal with such a horrific situation can save your life. 

Immediately Rinse with Water

The first step after your skin comes in contact with harsh chemicals is to rinse it thoroughly with water. Most chemicals get dissolved in water, so the irritation you feel on the skin can be reduced. 

Brushing Off Dry Chemicals

Some chemicals should never be exposed directly to water; they must be brushed off by wearing protective gloves. Examples of these chemicals are dry lime, calcium oxide, hydroxide, and elemental metals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium. 

Covering the Burn

After brushing off dry chemicals or rinsing it thoroughly under running water, it is essential to cover the wound loosely. You can use a gauge or a thin cloth to cover the affected area. Covering the injury can ensure it is not contaminated or infected. 

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Removing any piece of Clothing or Jewelry from the Affected Place

If the affected area is the neckline or any part of the body with jewelry and clothes, they should be removed immediately. Chemicals can create a worse reaction when they come in contact with them. 

Immediately Rushing to a Doctor

The best thing to do is immediately rush to a doctor and get treated. No one understands better than a doctor; therefore, if you are not confident enough, rush to a doctor as soon as possible. 


Some injuries can change a person’s life forever, and chemical burn injuries are such injuries that can badly affect a person’s skin and internal organs. Unless the burns are severe, these injuries can be treated if rushed to a specialist immediately. Therefore, without wasting much time, a person affected by toxic chemicals must be immediately treated with proper medications. 

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