How to choose the Best Seating for World Travelers on British Airways Long-Haul Aircraft

There are fewer decent seats in the World Traveler cabins (though also many more seats). So normally you can choose a front row or bulkhead row window seat, where you can get out without disturbing others (or being bothered by others).

British Airways 777 Boeing is upgrading its World Traveler cabins to a 10-across arrangement, as it has done for its London Gatwick fleet. Those planes are crammed. So we recommended avoiding usually full 777s if you could. However, there are some good seats on them as well, so picking the right ones is crucial.

Due to the curvature of certain airplanes, the rear of the cabin has fewer seats, which some passengers prefer, particularly couples or groups. They aren’t always the greatest, since the rear of the cabin is the bumpiest, noisiest, and next to the back galley and restrooms.

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This is because the A380’s top deck has side bins for more storage and the seat configuration is 2-4-2 as opposed to 3-4-2 below and 3-3-3 on most other BA aircraft.

Best BA World Traveler seats on a 777

British Airways has four Boeing 777s in its fleet. Again, consider first-row window seats for the solitary traveler.

The Heathrow-based 777-200 and 777-300 provide excellent front row seats for both single and pair passengers, since there are only two on each row.

Otherwise, the final few rows with two window seats might be appealing to couples or groups.

BA’s leisure 777s from Gatwick to the Caribbean are now 10-abreast in a 3-4-3 configuration, with shorter aisles and seats. On the plus side, these cabins include new IFE and furnishings.

Choosing between LHR and LGW isn’t always possible, but if it is, we recommended avoiding the LGW 777s.

On a route like JFK, when the decision is between 28A or 28K on a 777-300 or 40A or 40K on a 747, the 777 wins.

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Best BA World Traveler seats on renovated 777-200s

British Airways is revamping its long-haul airplane cabins to include the new Club Suite product and a 3-4–3 configuration for the World Traveler class. That means the economy is extremely tighter, so avoid this plane if possible.

Those traveling with a partner may find nice seats in the plane’s rear. The final few rows with just two seats in the window area provide passengers with a great amount of additional room.

For lone travelers, first-row window seats are preferred above other front row seats.

Best BA World Traveler seats on a 787

The typical rule for 787 Dreamliners is first-row window seats. It’s worth noting that decent seats are scarce on these planes.

The last row has two seats on each side, which might be appealing for couples, but they are in the back of the aircraft, close to the restrooms and galley, which means additional noise and turbulence.

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With superior air quality, less pressure on board to aid with jet lag, more current IFE, and quicker flight times, the Dreamliners should be considered.

The Dreamliners also have bigger IFE boxes beneath each seat, limiting legroom.

Best BA World Traveler seats on an A380

The lower deck of the A380’s World Traveler has a 3-4-3 arrangement, while the upper deck has a 2-4-2.

The A380 upper deck is the top pick seats British Airways plane for World Traveler. The cabins are smaller than conventional long-haul airplanes, with fewer seats per row and sidebins near the window for extra storage.

These seats are better than a World Traveler Plus middle seat, although that could be said for any bulkhead seat.

If you can’t go upstairs, rows 20 and 35 have the most legroom.

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