4 Instant Actions To Do In Case Of Robbery In The Shop

If you own a shop, of any kind, you must be aware of the fact that robberies are so common in today’s time. Robbers as well as their techniques of performing the robbery have changed and become more advanced. You as an owner of a shop must be equipped and ready with the right technology to make your shop less likely to be robbed. These types of equipment may include security cameras, safety hammers, and emergency exits. You can also install electric shutters or roller door parts at Roller Shutters to ensure no thief can enter your shop without your consent and you and your workers are safe and secure. Let us now discuss the 4 quick actions tips that one should do in case of robbery in the shop.

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Call The Police:

If you are in a situation in which the robbers have entered your shop and captured the entire area, it is really important to call the police and try to have a backup as fast as possible. If you are not in a situation in which you can freely call the police, dial emergency contacts or message them, telling the entire scenario in which you are stuck and hence call for backup. Make sure you are safe and not threatened by anyone while you’re making the call as it might trigger the thieves and lead to a worse situation. 

Use Special Apps:

If there is a hostage situation and you are stuck in between thieves who have pointed their guns over your forehead, it is most likely that you will not be able to call the police or anyone for help. For these situations, there are many apps available on the internet which you can download and can be used to call police by drawing certain patterns or pressing some buttons on your smartphone. They can hence be a lifesaver in this kind of situation.

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Keep Secret Alarm Buttons And Press Them In Emergency:

In case you are stuck in a hostage situation, and you are not able to pull off the safety or emergency alarm, there might be a lot of trouble for you and you can be stuck in that situation for hours with a gun pointed towards you. For this kind of situation and for dodging the pain of being stuck with thieves, you must install secret buttons all over the shop that are directly connected to the alarms. Safety must be the number one priority in these situations.

Surrender If You Smell Threat:

If there are a lot of thieves in your shop who have a lot of dangerous weapons in their hands and are threatening you with life, you must surrender yourself in front of them. If they assure you that they want money and after taking the money they will set you free, do it, let them take the money, and go. Do not mess with people with guns and weapons as it may cost you your life. Just remember, money can come back later but if you lose your life, it will never come back.

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