How Nobul Delivers Transparency & Value in Real Estate

The digital world has seen incredible innovation that has transformed how people buy and sell real estate. Real estate technologies all offer their own unique features, but there is one platform that allows home buyers and sellers to make streamlined, efficient, and educated transactions by accessing the right data and agents. 

Nobul is an online digital marketplace leveraging blockchain, fintech and big data, all to put the power in the hands of the consumer when making real estate transactions.

Nearly everyone owns a pocket-sized supercomputer that keeps us connected, informed, and plugged into commerce, and Nobul makes it that much easier to make the big ticket, and often life changing purchase of real estate online.

Let’s look at how Nobul and its founder Regan McGee deliver values and transparency in real estate, all on one digital platform 

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Saving Time

Homebuyers need to act quickly for economic and lifestyle reasons. The price of a home could rise substantially the more people dawdle, and buyers need a place to live for them and their families. Nobul pairs up homebuyers with the right real estate agent for them in less time than it would otherwise take.

All buyers must do is list their budget and describe what they’re looking for in a home. The platform’s algorithm, which has analyzed millions of real estate transactions, then suggests agents who fit all their needs.

Buyers are free to peruse the profiles, comparing the services, fees, and other key stats until they find the right agent. Even better, the agents are motivated to offer complimentary services or price breaks.

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Saving Money

Buying a home is usually the largest purchase a person ever makes. Anything that can bring the price down can’t be ignored, especially given the rising rates in recent years. 

The verified, vetted agents on Nobul compete to get a homebuyer’s business, incentivizing them to give free additional services or cash back. Lots of apps promise a compelling user proposition, but it’s hard to think of anything more directly useful than saving thousands of dollars on a transaction.

If an app is free to use and can save people significant time and money, what could be better?

Privacy and Security

Modern consumers expect digital consumer experiences to be smooth and provide savings, but not at the expense of their personal privacy. Leading apps never compromise user data because, technical security protocols aside, the information is never shared in the first place.

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In Nobul’s case, the real estate agents never get the homebuyers’ email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information. All the communication takes place within the app, so it’s easy to stay in touch or share listings, but agents have a clear barrier they can’t penetrate or outflank. 

Personal contact information can’t get used by or sold to third parties if they can’t get possession of it in the first place.

The app revolution was a massive paradigm shift. In a competitive world where every business puts their best digital foot forward, companies need to offer users genuine value they can understand and trust. Putting vital information at your customers’ fingertips while saving them significant money on a secure platform is a recipe for success that business leaders in every sector should follow.

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