How are cars designed before manufacturing?


Design as a field has been so popular lately that many companies have turned their strategies towards a design thinking approach. This design is so important and crucial in our lives that for common understanding whatever we use, touch, feel, the experience was first designed. It has been like all the way just the awareness about it has been recently recognized. In fact, today there is even software like motor claims management software that can track all your vehicle-related legal issues. So, the importance of design we can observe all around us, and let’s look at what is the car designing process?

The Car Designing Process:

Ideation phase and brainstorming  

This is the stepping stone of the design phase. All of the designers go through this phase and is important for your entire journey. Usually, in this phase designer try and come up with various design options to further work on and finally send them for approval. All sorts of curves and cavities are considered in this phase and the ones that look aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to produce are selected. The high end is costlier also due to their exotic design and the time taken to produce for customers.

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Once the final design of any is selected then it is prototyped. This prototyping happens at an actual scale to observe and understand the design dynamics of the cars. Pre-dominantly we are talking here about the exteriors of the car it is one of the vital aspects we look at while buying a car. firstly, prototyping happens in different materials for example with clay first and then POP, and then finally different models are prototyped to the exact market variant. This enables designers and official to understand how exactly big and proportionate the vehicle will be looking in the real world.

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Testing and redefining

Once the porotype is ready then comes the testing part. At this point, the designer’s concept is tested out in the real world. Even though designers work with keeping in mind the technical aspects of the vehicle yet, testing in the real world always helps. Sometimes such problems occur in this phase that makes the designer go to the start of the design thinking approach. But nothing to worry about as good designs are rather more important than bad products finished early. Even customer feedback is appreciated on the new looks and exteriors of the car.

Deliver the end result 

After all of these steps are done, the design goes for manufacturing. Even in this, the delivery lots are fixed in numbers and upon market feedback, the changes are implemented. No doubt, this takes time but the versions are released under the umbrellas of a facelift and improvised aspects. The changes are implemented and the companies are always looking for the betterment of the passenger and their consumers rather than their profits and sales. The entire process that we told you about often occurs at research and development centers of companies. These spaces are designed for new innovations and are equipped with all the latest needed technologies.

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