Hosting Memorable Holiday Company Parties: Sustainable Ideas

Company parties are notorious for being boring and stuffy. Planning a memorable company event sometimes seems out of reach, but it is not impossible. Hosts must plan carefully to ensure they can implement sustainable ideas that make the event more affordable and enjoyable.

Tips for Planning a Memorable Holiday Company Party

There are a few tips to help companies with hosting sustainable holiday company parties. Companies should consider the following ideas before planning a holiday event for employees and partners. 

Create a Budget

One of the first things companies can do is to plan a budget. Budget planning is one of the most tiring chores involved in holiday event planning but is also the most essential. Companies must consider portioning their budget into each component to ensure they know how much they can afford for the venue, food, entertainment, and other aspects. Budgeting in advance allows hosts to be better prepared for the fun part of the planning process. 

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Consider Existing Resources

Business owners must consider their existing resources because this is one of the most efficient ways of saving money on event planning. Business owners should consider hosting their event on properties they own because hosting at a restaurant or hotel can become expensive. Dig out old holiday decorations and repurpose them for an updated look without spending much of the budget. 

Think About Co-Hosting with Another Company

Those sharing office space with other companies can save money by co-hosting. Ask other businesses to consider coming together to afford a large party for all employees and partners. Co-hosting benefits all companies involved. Not only does co-hosting help companies save money on the costs of providing food and entertainment, but it also allows employees to get to know one another with the possibility of networking in business. 

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Schedule the Party on Company Time

Some employees do not relish the thought of attending a company event after hours. Other employees may find it challenging to attend an after-hours party because of family obligations. Employers should consider hosting their holiday events during office hours. Employees continue on the clock and can enjoy the events without stress or obligation after a long work day. Friday afternoons are an ideal time for planning a workday holiday event. These parties offer companies a simple way to boost morale and help employees feel appreciated. 

Schedule the Party Off-Season

Planning events during the holiday season rush can be stressful and expensive. Consider scheduling the event before the holiday or after the rush. Employees will be more apt to attend without having compromised schedules. Employers will find the costs of planning such an event are greatly reduced. 

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Consider a Theme

Considering a theme is a fun way to get everyone on board, especially if the company asks for employee recommendations. There are many ideas outside of a black-tie affair. A theme will help make the event a memorable one. 

Get Started Planning Early

Aside from the above, companies must start the planning process early. Waiting until the last minute will only lead to frustration on the part of the planners and attendees. Ideally, companies should begin planning up to six months in advance. Planning well in advance will allow hosts to secure a venue before the holiday rush. Now is the time to get started on the planning process for any holiday event. 

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