Choosing Tea Sets Over Cups to Make a Statement

Owning exquisite tableware is definitely on the home bucket list of every woman. It ups your game and makes an instant statement about your class and eminence. When you buy tea buy mugs from Ashdene, it is not just about showing off your best cutlery, but it also satiates the queenship of every woman.

Whether you are arranging for a tea party or enjoying your mornings with your loved beverage, a stylish tea set enhances the experience forthwith. This write-up talks about how a tea set translates your aristocracy and elevates your esteem over just cups.

A sneak peek into tea and tea sets

Rooted in the Middle East and Asia, tea is a beverage that is equally loved today across the globe. It is embraced universally owing to its plethora of elegant yet luxurious flavors. 

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From evergreen flavored herbal masala chai to antioxidant green tea to energy-packed oolong tea, this beverage has carved the choicest place in everyone’s heart. With diverse flavors and benefits, it has created a dominant niche in the market everywhere in the world. 

Given the royalty that this brew brings with itself, the best way to serve it is in tea sets. Whether you are a tradition-lover or a contemporary style individual, tea sets always proliferate your experience instead of teacups.

Tea sets and cups: A trade-off

Cups are not tied to any style or design. They are sold independently as solo pieces. On the contrary, tea sets bring all the elements together into the same design that makes an unequivocal and compelling statement about your style and personality. While tea sets are dedicated to serving tea, cups come sans the saucers, stirrers, and pots and can be used to serve tea, coffee, or any other beverage.

  • A tea set is a complete orchestration of exclusivity
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For most tea lovers, serving tea is an art that is best enjoyed when you have all the bit parts together. A tea set allows you to agglomerate everything and creates a holistic experience. With a tea set you get:

  • Serving tray: It gives you a firm grip and allows you to carry all the elements of the set.
  • Tea kettle: You can easily carry tea for at least 5 cups without spillage and keep it hot.
  • Cups and saucers: Cups, numbered according to the size of the set, with an equal number of saucers that can be used to place the cups after sipping the brew.
  • Spoon and stirrers: Spoons or stirrers equal in number as the cups are. These are used to stir and mix sugar.
  • Creamer: It allows you to serve creamer or milk separately so that everyone can add it according to their preference.
  • Sugar pitcher: This pitcher makes it convenient to serve tea when some people like sugar in their tea and some don’t.
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How tea sets shows more promise than cups

A tea set is an assortment of everything that you might need to serve and drink tea. It magnifies the entire tea-drinking experience and makes it more convenient. A tea set with an infuser encourages experimentation and blending this beverage with a wholesome experience. 

You can easily serve people with different kinds of likings and enjoy the taste of all the worlds, with sugar, without sugar, with milk, or without milk. From vintage to modern, you can find tea sets in a variety of styles. These raise the aesthetics of your table with the ultimate gesture of tea etiquette.

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