Getting NIF Portugal Online: Some Valuable Tips Before You Request It

Do you want to get your NIF number for some reason? There are people who plan to work in Portugal (on a legal basis). In this case, they will surely have to apply for a NIF number. However, NIF turns out to be necessary not just for work in case you plan to be socially active in this country. You will not even be able to sign a mobile phone contract without it! So, it is a brilliant idea to take a look at the process of receiving NIF online in detail before you plunge into collaboration with one of the trams that work in this area.

Do Not Ignore Such an Opportunity

First of all, it is important to highlight that it is awesome to receive NIF by means of requesting it online. This will not require too much time and effort which is valued by the clients most of all.

That is why do a bit of research here and stick to this option. You will certainly not complain about it.

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Be Very Careful When Choosing a Team to Interact with

Well, getting NIF online is great. However, this statement is going to be true only in case you come across those who know how to present you with this kind of service in the most qualitative way ever. If you fail with this, you risk losing your money, data, and time which may be the most frustrating aspect of all of the problems.

So, this is what you need to analyze when trying to select the team that will be able to satisfy you:

  • How long they have been working with this kind of assistance (the more, the better it is for you for sure);
  • What the reviews state about a particular team (if there are a few negative ones but the majority of them are positive it is okay);
  • What the official website looks like. It must be convenient for working with. In other words, the clients should be able to familiarize themselves with the Contacts of the provider of the service, the list of documents to take care of, and so on;
  • The staff must be really polite. The best way to check it is to ask a few questions about the service in advance.
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Pay Attention to the Price and Rating

By the way, the cost is an additional criterion you can rely on when trying to select a nice team to cooperate with. It should be something in between: it is not great when the staff offers a price that is too crazy or too low.

By the way, some providers are eager to offer a year of fiscal representation that goes along with such a service as getting NIF. And, to tell the truth, it is really convenient to face such an option. The matter is that the non-residents of Portugal are obliged to have a tax representative by law. Not doing this is about to result in fines which can be very relevant.

Well, the rating is the enumeration of the great companies or intermediaries that are about to provide the opportunity to get NIF for the clients. The higher the position of a particular provider is, the better it is. 

Here is what you can also consider: no one can make you conduct research if you do not want to do this or simply do not have time. There is one website that will satisfy you to the fullest for sure. It is

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Do Not Neglect Providing Fine Copies

As soon as you know who will be helping you, it is time to get the necessary stuff ready in order to provide the intermediary with the data that is going to be required from you. Well, typically, this is a passport and proof of residence. Apart from this, you will also have to fill in the application that is given on the website of the intermediary.

Make sure that your copies are okay to deal with. The key info should be visible well on them.

Ask In Case Something Is Not Clear

When you are investigating what you will have to present and trying to clarify things for yourself you may come across certain doubts and aspects that seem to be confusing to you. In this case, it is advisable to clarify this stuff so as not to face issues within the process of applying for NIF.

Be Patient Even if There Is a Delay

The intermediary will necessarily tell you how long you have to wait for the result of the service. Nevertheless, delays might take place because of such stuff as holidays. Be ready for this and try to look at this in a positive way!

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