Fun Bachelorette Party Games for a Bride and Bridesmaids

Organizing a bachelorette party before the wedding is a beautiful and beloved tradition by many. Of course, over time, the bachelorette party games scenario has undergone significant changes, but the practice has been preserved and popularized.

To determine a place, time, and number of invited girls is simple, but not everyone can develop an interesting show-jumping scenario for a bachelorette party. We are ready to help so that your evening with close friends does not turn into ordinary friendly chatter but becomes a real adventure.

What Does It Take to Make a Bachelorette Party Successful?

You should not take your friends to the strip bar if they don’t like such noisy events. And for a lover to hit the dance floor, you should not organize a home pajama party but think of the funniest bachelorette party games. They will surely appreciate such leisure.

  • The maid of honor is most often the bachelorette party planner, but anyone can join the process.
  • Most commonly, the cost for the party is split evenly between the attendants. Talk to them first to see how much they can spend.
  • A perfect time for bachelorette gathering are a month or two before the wedding.
  • An ideal length is a couple of days to look like an extended weekend.
  • It would be great to browse the internet in search of the funniest games for bachelorette party.
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The main thing during the party — don’t get wild and pay much attention to the bride!

What Games Are Fun to Do at a Bachelorette Party?

It is better to spend bachelorette party games in a relaxed, carefree, and cheerful atmosphere and to maintain a good mood — all kinds of contests and tasks for guests will be handy. Of course, you want to find new games and tasks that will surprise everyone and cheer up. But you should start with the classics.

Prosecco Pong

This is a new and more elegant variation of fun bachelorette party games named Beer Pong. It would be great if the balls and wine glasses were beautifully decorated or painted glamorous pink. The players’ task is standard — try to hit the opponent’s drink with the ball. Most importantly, do not get drunk quickly.

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How Well Do You Know the Bride?

For the competition, you will need a list of questions about the bride, her life, interests, what she loves, what she doesn’t, plans, and dreams. It’s time to sit in a circle and determine who can get the most fitting answers.

Family Portrait

A hot topic for drawing at bachelorette parties will be a joint portrait of the bride and groom! By the way, the latter can also participate. You can create caricatures, try to write a masterpiece, or portray young people as a couple of cute animals — in a word, give free rein to your imagination.

Ring Hunt

To make your guests run, you can organize the hunt for rings. Of course, we do not recommend using any ring given by your loved ones. It’s better to get a bunch of plastic rings, hide them safely in or near the house, and provide some simple tips to the guests.

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Bachelorette Roulette

This is one of the funniest bachelorette party games on the thematic sites. But you don’t need any particular skill and knowledge, except for drinking skills. So, take a spinner and give your guests a chance to define who takes a drink or what type of glass to take. You can also use an empty Prosecco bottle for spinning.

How to make a bachelorette party fun? Relax and act like children! Fun competitions, tasty treats, and good music will make your evening unforgettable! And if you liked the bachelorette party games listed above, keep digging for information.

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