Five Features that your Website must have in the Dubai Market

In all developed countries, having a website is one of the crucial needs, if you want to start and develop your business. Likewise, to start or retain a business in Dubai or UAE, a professional website is needed. Besides, there are some features that you must have on your website if you are planning to operate in Dubai or across the UAE.

Most beneficial features to have on your website in the Dubai market

Mobile Responsive

UAE is one the biggest markets for mobile devices and smartphones. Almost all people use their mobile phones to search on the internet. Therefore, your website must be perfectly displayed on all mobile and tablet screen sizes to be useful for all people across the country. Hence, you must ensure that your website is designed fully mobile responsive. 

Local SEO and GMB

Local SEO refers to the best practices to introduce your business in the local community and be seen by people in a limited geographical area that you are planning to operate. GMB or Google My Business is a part of local SEO for the purpose of putting your business name and location on Google map. In this way, you can put your location, business hours and contact details for people who search for your services in the nearby area. Another benefit of Local SEO is that people will be able to comment about your services and rate your business on Google. The beauty of such a feature is that if you provide quality service, you will have the upper hand over your competitors. 

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Excellent Design

Internet users are after convenience these days. They are not interested in complicated websites with messy design and difficult to understand call-to-actions. Your website design must be clean, neat and the call-to-actions must be very clear and visible to users who want to take an action. Navigating through your website must be easy to understand, so users will be able to find what they are after with only a few clicks. Keep in mind that your website design plays a crucial role in your business success. You must put your feet in your audiences’ shoes and try to understand how they think and what they are after, in order to design your website accordingly. Such an approach is now very popular and effective. You may find out more about Content First Design, if you are planning to start your online business in Dubai. 


Dubai is the house of many businesses and industries from all around the globe. There are many senior managers, skilled workers and labourers, who are working and living in Dubai. Foreign workers and particularly labourers are normally not very familiar with the English language. They definitely prefer to fulfil their needs through a website that provides its services in their own language. Besides, it would be an advantage for your website if you have your website translated to Arabic for local people. Therefore, providing such a feature on your website would have a great impact on your traffic and conversion rate. Considering the major nationalities who are living and working in the UAE, it would be a good idea to have your website available in Arabic, Indian and Mandarin. 

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Multi Currency Payment Option   

Dubai has been a very popular tourism destination over the last two decades. Thanks to the great work Dubai government has been doing to provide the highest level of security, strong infrastructure, luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches and fancy shopping malls, the number of tourists from all around the world is expected to be on the rise. Even though tourists are able to shop in AED by using their credit cards, it would cost them a lot due to transaction fees and exchange costs that their banks would charge. Besides, as they are not aware of the exact amount of fees, they will not be able to have a clear mind about the exact price of a product, if paid in AED. Hence, having a multi currency payment option on your website would create a very important competitive advantage for your website. Tourists and any other users that their source of income is in another currency, would choose your website to purchase from, in order to avoid additional costs and have an exact understanding of the product cost.  

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Having your online business to be seen by the majority of internet users, has never been an easy task. There are many things for you to take care of, if you are trying to grow your online business. A professional design and SEO packages is two of the most important tasks that must be accomplished in your journey to promote your online business. We have discussed the five important features that you must add to your website, if you are planning to do business in the UAE. However, we would like to highly recommend working with a well-experienced and professional web design and digital marketing service provider to identify your needs precisely and act accordingly. One of the best companies in Dubai with more than 10 years of quality experience in web design and digital marketing is Websima DMCC. Websima has managed to put a talented and experienced team of designers and SEO professionals together, in order to provide the best possible services to their clients. With their proven track record of success, you can rest assured that you will take your steps in the right direction. Feel free to ask for a free consultation meeting to meet with the team and discuss your project in detail. They will get back to you promptly, with an offer that suits your needs best.

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