Do’s and Don’ts to take care of your new Tattoo!

A lot of people are hell fond of tattoos. Tattoos say a lot about your personality. If you’re planning on getting one or already got one, then it is necessary for you to follow all the crucial points that are mentioned below in this article. This article consists of some Do’s and Don’t after getting a tattoo done to take proper care of it.

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Do’s :

  1. Once your tattoo is done, your tattoo artist will first clean the area, apply an ointment, then cover it with a plastic or bandage. This bandage is applied to protect your tattoo from dirt and bacteria; therefore, you must resist the temptation of removing it for at least 2-3 hours.
  1. Remove the bandage carefully, and throw it away. It is recommended to wash your hand first before removing the bandage to prevent it from bacteria when you touch it. You can use warm water to remove it quickly and avoid it sticking to the skin. 
  1. Wash your hands daily twice a day with antibacterial or antimicrobial soaps. Avoid holding your hands directly under the stream of water, as it may prove to be too harsh on your new tattoo.
  1. Let it dry or gently use an unused or paper towel to clean it. Don’t rub the paper towel, as it may irritate.
  1. Once the washing and cleaning process is done, apply a thin layer of a non-scented, antibacterial ointment gently to the tattoo and pat until the skin entirely absorbs it. If you’re not sure about what ointment may help, then ask your tattoo artist. Most importantly, listen to your artist’s instructions carefully. Follow them properly to ensure your tattoo heals correctly without creating any problem.
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  1. While healing, your tattoo might start scabbing over, which is normal. Let the scabs dry and fall off themselves. This may cause irritation or itchiness but don’t scratch it or force the process. Scratching may cause a hole or white spots to your tattoo, which my friend you may not want. You can use moisturising ointments to combat itchiness.
  1. Until the initial healing is completed, avoid direct sunlight for at least 3-4 weeks as it may result in blebbing your skin or even bleach some of the colours.
  1. Initially, avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothes. Such clothes might prevent oxygen from your tattoo, which is very important for healing. Also, they might stick to the tattoo or rip off the newly formed scabs, hence cause immense pain while taking the clothes off.
  2. If your tattoo is near the joints (like elbows or knees), then strictly avoid doing strenuous workouts, as they may result in irritation or other problems. This may even prolong the healing process.
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