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There are a number of websites online that are used by millions of Indian netizen to download movies of different language. Those who cannot afford to buy high priced tickets and prefer to watch High Definition movies at the comfort of the corner of their house download the movies. However, there is a risk of legal problem by downloading from illegal torrent sites. This is why; websites like Moviesbaba have gained popularity.

What is Moviesbaba?

Moviesbaba has gained immense popularity among the Indian Diaspora as a private website, where a number of movies from different language (even regional films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and so on) are uploaded. It is immensely popular for uploading HD Bollywood movies quickly, and sometimes the movies are even uploaded before its release. Initially the website uploaded Tamil and Telugu movies, but gradually it started releasing Bollywood and Hollywood films as well.

How to Download Films from Moviesbaba:

Within a few days of a movie’s release, the website uploads full HD quality version of the movie at the website. One can easily download the movie by clicking the link on the website and then choose the version of the film they want to install in their device. The site can be used at absolutely free of cost, so one may see some online ads before downloading a movie. This is the only source of revenue for the Moviesbaba website.

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Features of Moviesbaba:

As told earlier, the website is immensely popular among Indian netizen. There are a number of reasons for which the users choose this website more than the other ones. Some of the features of Moviesbaba website are discussed here.

  • The site is known for quick upload of the recently released movies (within 2 to 3 days), and sometimes even uploading a movie even before its release. High download rates by the people increases the traffic of the website.
  • According to the streaming quality of the device, one can choose the video quality of the movie that they are downloading. A movie can downloaded in a device from 140p to 1080p, which means this can be sued by people of different device.
  • The website is very much user friendly and simple to use. There are no complicated steps or tricky procedures, which makes it a top choice for movie enthusiasts. The UI and UX of the website is one of the deciding factors for its favorability.
  • The website may be blocked once in a while by the State Government rules on the fields of piracy. However, one does not have to wait for a long time before it is restored again. The different types of active URLs and Changing VPNs are the reason why it recovers quickly.
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Alternatives to Moviesbaba:

There are a number of websites similar to Moviesbaba which also uploads HD quality films of different languages, but they are not as popular as this site. It is one of the free websites with simple usage steps for the common users which has gained immense popularity at a quick time. Here, a list is published with the names of some websites similar to the website of Moviesbaba, which can be used in case of emergency:

  • Moviezwap
  • Filmyzilla
  • Downloadhub
  • MP4Moviez
  • Jio Rockers
  • RdxHD Movies
  • Isaidub
  • TodayPK
  • Sidmoviespoint


As discussed earlier, Moviesbaba website is one of the few websites which provide the latest released Bollywood and Hollywood films within days of its release. Those who do not want to pay high amount of money to watch a film in the theatres can use this as an option and can watch movies easily at their home. The films of local languages can also be procured from this website, but it may take some time to get downloaded.

The website gets blocked because of the regulations of the Government on the fields of piracy and unfair use, but the users do not have to worry about those factors as Moviesbaba website can recover very quickly thanks to change of VPN. So start downloading films from Moviesbaba today and enjoy your entertainment at the comfort of your house.

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Government Policies

The government has passed new laws that ban the working of websites containing pirated content to function from the Indian platform. Thus, all the servers which have been set up and the large network which connects us to all the users are directly operated from other countries. The countries are not revealed but most of the time it is operated from the regions of the United States and thus making the content safe from any laws that have been passed by the government.


Piracy is a Crime, and we never support this We should act as responsible citizens of India. We are not encouraging readers to go and download and distribute any copyrighted content without permission from the original creator and author. The sole purpose of this article is to give you information about the website. We do not promote and support the pirated content that is provided on this website. Distribution of copyrighted content through piracy is a Punishable Act by law. So visit and use these kinds of websites on your own risk.

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