Best Five Employee Scheduling Software for Small Business

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of businesses. Everything in the businesses is in synchronization only due to prior scheduling. But scheduling requires a rough and humongous amount of time and human effort. Due to bosses’ busy lifestyles and time constraints, sometimes these meetings deviate from the schedule. And hence everything gets out of synchronization. That’s why employers are in dire need of employee scheduling software. Here are five best employee scheduling software for a small business that can make scheduling a way easier: –

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is surely the top scheduling software of today’s time. It has all the features and advantages that no other software can’t provide. Buddy Punch is the right choice for small businesses and enterprises that don’t want any complex scheduling software but still enjoy all the benefits. Some unique features of Buddy Punch are: –

● The owner can differentiate all the employees in positions, departments, and locations. Hence for chain businesses, it is crucial. The owner can easily track all the employee’s work. Therefore, overall productivity also improves.

● The schedule is very basic and easy to use. So the employees who are not from technical backgrounds can easily understand the process. Drag and drop is the easiest way to make schedules, and it is the intrinsic feature of Buddy Punch. 

● Employees can also request leaves, breaks, and shift swaps on the software by themselves. So they don’t have to call their boss all the time. An employer can impose time limits as well. 

● Buddy Punch is also integrated with smartphone apps. So an employer can know their business status all the time whether they are jogging or exercising.

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● Strict Law compliance is also inbuilt in the software. Hence an ethical environment is maintained as well.


Homebase is scheduling software that enables small business owners to make schedules very lucid yet effective. Homebase is recommended for small businesses like restaurants, bars, and grocery stores because these are hourly-based, and overtime is common. So, the schedule remains dynamic, and Homebase provides these solutions. One can create an unlimited number of schedules with an unlimited number of employees with their targeted work shifts. One of the most helpful features of Homebase is its Live Customer support on the phone, which is recorded to be very responsive by users. Homebase is also not only a scheduling software but also a time tracking and attendance recording software as well. Hence one can enjoy the benefits of all the drinks in one place. 

Some of the features of Homebase that stands out from others are: –

●    Unlimited Scheduling

Unlike other software that charges based on many employees or the number of work shifts, Homebase doesn’t charge you depending on these factors. It has a fixed fee independent of employees and work shifts. So, if your business has an expansion plan, you don’t have to worry about changing scheduling software.

●    Feature-rich free Tier

It comes with many solutions even in its free plans like time tracking, scheduling, job hiring, job posting, and onboarding. So one can first check all these features than can shift to the premium version. It is a feature that other similar software lacks.


SocialSchedules is an employee scheduling software with tools that are needed for hospitality-related businesses like restaurants, with multiple departments, where the risk of compliance is very high. It provides you the opportunity to create schedules based on compliances, which are crucial for avoiding penalties. It even has a notification feature, which warns you whenever the schedule deviates, and compliance rules are not followed according to state and local labor laws. 

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Its free version has many unique features, like the employee can request from the mobile using SocialSchedules to change his work shifts, and the employer can place open shifts. Its paid plans can handle multiple locations’ work and overtime reporting. Some of the features of SocialSchedules are: –

● Smart Shift management

SocialSchedules enables both the employee and employer to change the work shifts (with due permissions). So flexibility is offered by SocialSchedules. It also gives the authority to the employer to lock choices when there is an important meeting. Hence Smart Shift is being managed easily by this software.

● Strong Labor law compilation

It has astringent and reliable labor law compliance capability. It automatically makes penalties, allocates paid/unpaid leave, and breaks if there is a breach in the schedule. Also, if particular scheduling does not comply with the laws, SocialSchedules will not send it out.


The restaurant-friendly robust tracking tool and easy build a drag and drop schedule builder is the most useful feature of 7shifts. It is cloud-based restaurant-specific scheduling software. It is best for restaurants with multiple branched chains and a need for very complex scheduling. It also has a performance window, which lets the owner track how the chains of restaurants are performing in terms of labor costs, time and productivity, and efficiency.

Some smart features of 7Shifts that provoke the chain owners to use it are: –

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● Robust POS Integrations

7Shifts integrates with more than 20 POS solutions like Aloha, Micros, etc., compared to just 10 POS partners, which other similar software provide. So the number of transactions is increased to a good extent. Hence the overall profitability also improves.

● Compliance tools

One of the most important features of 7Shifts is its state-of-the-art compliances tool that is audit logs automated alerts, break, leave, and overtime management. 7Shifts lets the employees select the shifts according to their flexibility because sometimes they are assigned an opening shift immediately after a closing shift the previous day.

● Efficient task management

7Shifts comes with a sophisticated task management system that lets employees know where they lack and where they hold. It also enables the employer to add works and tasks that are needed to be done in the particular shifts along with the deadline.

Zoho People

Zoho People is cloud-based scheduling software that aims to provide an efficient scheduling experience to its user. It is very easy to use and has a customizable and interactive user interface. Zoho people now handle all the tedious and cumbersome tasks that give headaches to HR. So after its application, HR can now work upon their original task to find talented employees who are crucial for the company’s development. The employees can also take leave, make attendance take travel leaves, and do other complete recreational activities here. Zoho people also allows the employer to hire people seamlessly on a single platform. Automated mail alerts and built-in workflow configuration are some of its unique features. Zoho people also integrate with various documentation apps like AdobeSign, QuickBooks, etc, which improves the overall productivity. Hence Zoho People is a nice choice.

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