A Guide To Elopement Wedding Photography

If a couple is planning to elope then let it be picture perfect, literally. The best part about elopement weddings is the flexibility to tweak your budgets to accommodate elopement wedding photography that will document your journey and beginnings as a couple. 

If the location of the wedding is somewhere nice and the weather plays with the mood of the festivities, then the bride and groom and entire wedding entourage will be a photographer’s delight. Any wedding photographer who loves his work swears by the mood of the couple and is a perfect location to document the precious moments and adventures of an eloped couple. The end-result pictures will be something a couple would love to show to their extended friends and feature on their social media accounts. 

How to choose a photographer?

A perfect picture needs patience and planning well in advance. After deciding on the budget that you are willing to spend on photography, check the work of various artists and what they can offer. Few amateurs who are not experienced can be considered if they can compensate with their craft skills. If not willing to take chances, a couple can hire a more experienced photographer.

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There are other things to keep in mind when planning an elopement wedding photography. Here are a few tips to get those perfect shots of an eloped couple:

Lighting plays a vital role

If the location is in the open and wilderness under natural light, then time the photoshoot during sunrise and sunset when the natural light will add a surreal value to the picture. The best light a photographer intends to use is a day when the sun is not at its peak. The intensity of the sunlight can be used to create depth or mood. 

It may not be perfect

Understandably, at a wedding one needs to look best, but more important is to feel good. If a couple plans a wedding or a photo shoot in difficult terrain, they are more likely to turn dirty. It is also not practical to walk in long wedding gowns in swamps, lagoons, or over cliffs. Getting a pair of sneakers or hiking boots will make perfect sense for the couple and wedding guests as well. 

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So instead of investing in a designer label, one can buy a budget wedding dress that will look equally good in a photograph. Otherwise, if a couple is the kind who doesn’t mind getting their a little dirty, then they can go about exploring the surroundings, with mischief that can be captured in the photos. Who cares about a little stain when the playfulness and chirpiness of the newlyweds can be reflected in the picture? 

Statement flowers

A couple who is marrying in a picturesque location with a perfect setting can make it more appealing through a statement bouquet that will enhance the composition further. The bouquet can also help in adding some depth through an inanimate object within the frame and act like a prop. Holding flowers can also control the nervousness usually expressed by shy brides and help them smile naturally. 

Trust your photographer

When shooting outdoors, things may not always be perfect. Weather conditions usually change without the slightest warning in a few places. Be prepared to be alarmed. Take a raincoat or windcheater jacket if hitting a place that can get chilly. If the elements are out of place instead of being alarmed or upset, try and embrace them. 

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Even a soaking wet bride looks beautiful on a cliff overlooking raging waves of the ocean when she can smile with her groom equally drenched. If anything goes wrong, trust your photographer. They usually face similar situations in other assignments and will have a backup plan. When it gets windy, the veil of a bride and the locks of a bride will sway and a skilled photographer can encompass the passion of the couple within the perfect picture. 


Pictures remind us of the best part of our journey in life. Weddings are new beginnings and showcase a different level of energy and promise of togetherness. Capturing those moments is essential for everyone who wants to spend a lifetime together raising a family and toasting milestone parties.

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