A Beginner’s Guide to Dental Implants

Over the years, oral health science has hugely evolved. Nowadays, it’s possible to have all for teeth implants. Still more, these implants resemble teeth. As a result, it’s difficult to identify a teeth implant. This means that you can have your smile back and improve your overall facial shape.

Dental implants Austin TX are surgically implanted into your jaw for better stability or greater prosthetic appeal. Since they interact with your gum tissues, they replicate the function of your natural teeth. Here are common options to consider:

Endosteal Implants

These implants are directly placed into your jawbone. After the procedure, the bone will start growing around the implant, hence securely anchoring it into place. Endosteal implants are available in two forms: cylinder and blade.

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When it comes to cylinder implants, artificial teeth exist in form of titanium screws. On the other hand, blade implants are flat titanium pieces that are often utilized when the alveolar becomes atrophied.

Subperiosteal Implants

The use of these implants isn’t so prevalent. It’s often used when a patient has experienced severe bone loss. They offer better jawbone support and enhance your teeth’s appearance.

If you opt for subperiosteal implants, you won’t have to undergo a grafting procedure first. They’re placed under the gum to match your unique jawbone contours. Once the procedure is completed, your gum will start healing around the titanic frames, hence securing it in place. Prosthetic teeth will then be implanted on the posts located above your gum’s surface.

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Replacement Teeth

Prosthetic teeth are uniquely designed to create an aesthetically-appealing result that suits your specific dental needs. Here are common types:


They’re commonly utilized for replacing a single tooth. They’re attractive and natural looking. They’re made of porcelain and gold. If you intend to replace one of your teeth, then crowns could be an excellent choice for you.  The most attractive thing about them is that they’re thin and lightweight. As such, they won’t cause too much discomfort in your jaws.


They’re suitable for replacing adjacent teeth. They’re simply a series of dental crowns which are interconnected to create a continuous bridge. If you’re planning to replace your adjacent teeth, then go for implant-supported bridges. They’re beautiful and long-lasting.

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They’re a popular option for replacing the entire row of teeth. Whether you’re planning to replace the upper row or the lower row, implant-supported dentures make a great choice. They have an acrylic base that resembles your gums.

Your dentist will develop a personalized treatment that perfectly implants the prosthetic teeth and restores your smile. The good news is that multiple techniques can be utilized to deliver the best results.

The Bottom-Line

From interfering with your facial shape to altering your speech, a missing tooth can do a lot of harm in your life. The faster you act the better. A teeth implant is a popular route you can pursue and regain your shape, speech, and confidence. The above are popular implant styles and options you can consider.

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