5 Free Crypto Signal Providers That Work

Trading cryptocurrency can be pretty tricky. Even professional traders can have a hard time trading cryptocurrency. Having access to some of the best crypto trade signals can help you in your crypto trading journey. Crypto trade signals are one of the most valuable tools for crypto trader’s newbies or professionals.

Without the help of the right tools and relevant technologies and detailed information on how the market works, it would be impossible to keep track of the market movement because cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile currencies today. The value of cryptocurrencies changes quickly. It might be high today, but tomorrow it may change.

Crypto Signals are one of the best tools crypto traders would ever want. The challenges in the crypto world had given birth to this valuable tool. This tool makes the life of crypto traders much more manageable. Crypto trade signals provide real-time, up-to-date, detailed information about the market, thus giving you essential market data to place trades.

Furthermore, manually monitoring the market movement is impossible to do. Thankfully, professional traders have created an advanced tool to help traders perform the most effective trade placement. This tool also allows trades to gain real-time accurate market insights 24/7. Below are four crypto signal providers that work in 2021:

Forex Robot Nation Crypto Signals (TOP CHOICE)

Forex Robot Nation is the #1 option for both Forex & Crypto Signals in 2021. Their signals are reliable, transparent, and can be access via telegram.

Join their free telegram channel by clicking here, and getting 1 free signal every day.

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Their VIP service is excellent as well, here’s the info:

  • 3-4 signals per day
  • 1:5 risk reward ratio
  • $35/month
  • All signals sent via telegram
  • website: forexrobotnation.com

Signals Blue

Signals Blue is one of the best-paid crypto trade signal service providers that you can consider using. They provide high-quality signals, knowledge, and various detailed information on how the market works. They ensure that they can consistently deliver helpful news all the time. They promised each member that they can provide an efficient and effective solution to achieve a positive trading result.

Many traders have been using Signals Blue because they offer a reliable and quality service all year round. The service they provide is based on their experience and knowledge and not just guesses. Moreover, the signal they give to their subscriber is constantly being analyzed and consulted by their specialist so you can ensure only positive signals will be delivered to you.


  • exchanges: binance,bittrex,bitmex
  • Subscriptions: 1 month- 229.99 USD/ 6 months-499.99 USD/ Lifetime- 899.99 USD
  • website link: signals.blue
  • Support Bots
  • Support Auto trading
  • Support Margin Trading
  • short-mid-long term

Crypto Alarm

Crypto alarm is alsoa good crypto signal service provider recommended by many crypto traders all over the world. The team in Crypto Alarm provide their subscriber with all necessary information. They can provide you with detailed information about the market movements. With the help of Crypto Alarm, you can decide when to place trades, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies.

Before they deliver their signals, they analyze them first to ensure the customer would only get the best signals. They care for their subscriber. They don’t copy or steal signals from their competitors. They keep tracking the value of the cryptocurrencies 24/7. Crypto Alarm also analyzes every risk that you may encounter in the market. Their professional teams constantly analyze each piece of information they try to make available to you. Their system also works incredibly fast, which is quite good because you can get the information you wanted much quicker.

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  • website: cryptoalarm.net
  • subscriptions 1 month- 279 USD/3 months- 439 USD/Lifetime-999 USD
  • short/mid/long
  • binance,bittrex,bitmex


CoinSignals is also one of the best crypto signals providers that you can use. This signal provider uses AI to generate crypto market signals. If you want more modern features but easy to use, you should consider their subscription plan. They offer state-of-the-art AI crypto scanning solutions that are available 24/7. This advanced system is created by professional traders who are willing to give back to the community.

Using their signals can maximize your profit gain and minimize the risks that come with it. They also provide detailed information about the market to decide whether to enter or exit the market quickly. CoinSignals also supports Bittrex, Binance, and Bitfinex crypto exchange. They are also available on telegram, so you can check them out on their telegram channel if you can’t access their website. If you’re looking for an affordable crypto signal provider, then CoinSignals might be perfect for you.


  • binance,bitmex,kucoin,bybit
  • website: coinsignals.io
  • subscriptions: 1 month- 49 USD/3 months- 120 USD/1 year -365 USD
  • Telegram: @CoinSignals_io
  • Support Bots
  • Support Live trading
  • Support Margin Trading
  • short/mid/long

Crypto Quick Scanner

Crypto quick Scanner is a good crypto signal provider that anyone can use. This crypto signal provider is free, which makes it great for newbie traders. Crypto Quick scanner is developed by Altrady, and this is just one of the many developed by the company. Crypto Quick Scanner is one of the best free crypto signals that can help you to build your wealth and career in the crypto world.

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Anyone can access this particular signal provider; you just need to sign up using your email. This free crypto scanner can easily monitor different types of digital currencies on the market and giving you detailed information regarding cryptocurrency and market movements. With the help of this free crypto scanning tool, you can have all the necessary information you want without having to spend a penny.


  • Free
  • website: cryptoquickscanner.com

Note: Choosing the best crypto trade signal provider can increase your chances of gaining a high-profit return, but not all are legit. Some scammers pretend to have a legitimate operation. You can use a signals provider checker like safetrading.today to check if the crypto trade signals providers are legit.


The crypto mentioned above signals providers are just some of the few that you can consider using. But if you don’t like the list above, you can always choose your crypto trade signals provider. Remember that there are many scammers in the digital world, don’t let your guard down, and always keep an eye on scammers. They can be too obvious so that you can spot them easily.

Crypto or cryptocurrency trade signals is a valuable tool for all crypto traders. Its created to make the lives of traders much more manageable. It would be impossible to keep track of the market activity without using tools like crypto trade signals.

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