4 Ways To Avoid Fire With Electricity

Every year, multiple accidents in residents as well as at commercial places occur due to faults in electric lines. Electricity can be dangerous if not dealt with care. Everything from installation to maintenance should be ensured to avoid a fire with electricity. If you buy and install the best quality material from PV Connections, then people and the place will be much safer. The better the material, the lower is the risk of fire with it. Here are some of the major ways to avoid a fire with electricity.

Outdated Wiring

Is it a long time since you have replaced the wiring of your house? Then the insulation of the wiring might have been worn-out and thus require a replacement. You may or may not be aware of the same since all the wiring is behind the plastered wall. Therefore, get the condition of your wiring checked and do replace the same without any delay if they are outdated. If you ignore outdated wiring for a long time, then it may increase the chances of fire. This is mainly because these old wirings are unable to bear with high power electricity.

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Open Wire Ends

If you have recently got wiring repaired, then there might be several ends of the wire that are open to the air. These open ends are not only dangerous for your health but can also cause a fire if they come in contact with other wires. This generates a spark and thus can result in fire. This is the reason why it is suggested to remove wire ends from the entire place. If there are any, make sure they are properly covered with an insulating material. Do not put an open wire end back into a switchboard as it can increase the chances of coming in contact with other wires.

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Circuit Overload

We often use extension cords when sockets and plugs are not within the reach of the wire. There are multiple sockets in the extension cord that can be used. However, if you plug multiple sockets of the appliances with high power, then there are chances of fire. This happens when there is an overload of power that an extension cord can actually bear. If your house or industry is running out of sockets, then contact an electrician and get additional sockets installed. This will keep you and your house safe from fire.

Eliminate Flammable Materials

Even if a spark comes in contact with flammable material, then it can cause a huge fire. This is the reason why it is suggested to eliminate all flammable materials from electric boards and wires. Apart from that, try to keep your electric box secured by making a barrier around it. If you have children in your house, they must also be kept away from these electric lines as they are dangerous. Appliances and gadgets must also be kept away from fabrics and other flammable materials as it can easily catch fire with electricity.

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