3 Advantages That Come with Online Schooling

For the longest time, parents could choose between three schooling methods for their children: in-person public school, in-person private school and homeschooling. Now there is a fourth option: online schooling. 

What are the advantages that come with this type of schooling?

1. Professional Programming

Homeschooling is often presented as the only alternative to in-person classrooms. While homeschooling is a perfectly viable option, it comes with a major difficulty: it requires a parent or guardian to take on the role of instructor. If the parent doesn’t have the time, energy or knowledge to handle this important role, their kid’s education will suffer. 

Parents don’t have to bite off more than they can chew when they turn to online schooling. An accredited, ministry-inspected online school will provide ready-made courses that line up with the standard curriculum. Completing these courses will result in credits that go toward an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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Online courses also offer professional support for students! Every single course is supported by a certified teacher who will mark assignments, give feedback and help with any inquiries about the course material. 

2. Social Distancing

The pandemic has upended the traditional education system in the past few years. Many schools have closed their doors to follow government-enforced mandates to keep students, teachers and their loved ones safe from the spread of the coronavirus. 

While the province has dropped social distancing mandates and reopened schools, the problem with coronavirus isn’t completely gone. Classrooms can still be locations for COVID-19 outbreaks, forcing students to quarantine at home and return when it’s safe again.

Online schooling doesn’t present this struggle since it doesn’t have to take place in a crowded classroom. It can be done at home. 

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3. Flexibility

Online schools offer more flexible learning schedules than in-person public or private schools. They allow students to choose the optimal time to start their coursework, and they can complete it at their own pace. They can finish the course in a month or even a year if they want.

The flexible nature of online schooling is not just convenient for your kid’s schedule. It can be appealing for their physical and mental health, too!

In-person schools have rigid schedules that start in the morning. Students will sometimes have to get up as early as six or seven in the morning to get to their classes on time. These early hours are not easy on teens. 

Scientific research shows that your circadian rhythm shifts during your teenage years, naturally pushing you to stay up later and become a “night owl.” Teens typically need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep every single night. So, if their circadian rhythm pushes them to stay up until midnight, and they sleep for 10 hours, they would be fully rested but late for school. 

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A healthy, regular sleep schedule is essential for your teen’s education. Proper sleep helps with concentration, memory and problem-solving skills—key skills that will come up in their coursework. Sleep will also contribute to good stress regulation, making them less likely to get overwhelmed or burnt out. 

An online schooling option would allow your teen to fit their coursework around their sleep schedule. So, if they need to sleep in a little longer to get their essential hours, they can. 

What do you think about these advantages? Are they enough to sign up your teen for online schooling?

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