10 Tips That Will Help You Speed Up Your Streaming

Irritated by the continuous slow-speed streaming and buffering? We’re too. Watching your fav show, enjoying it with the amazing pizza. But suddenly, the streaming stops and starts buffering. Boom, everything is ruined. This often happens with all of us, and we just can’t help it. It destroys the whole mood of tuning into our favorite shows. 

The Internet and the media are one medium that keeps us updated on every event happening worldwide. You get to know what’s happening in your locality, school, college, and office in no time with the help of the internet. Media nowadays has shifted to the internet fully. We can’t even imagine a world without the internet. But when poor streaming speed interrupts, it frustrates us.

But you need not worry about the slow internet speed interrupting your streaming and surfing. Streamingrant streaming guides have the solution for you, and some tips are here for your direct access:

Change router and device location

The location of the router matters to get a stable network. If the router is placed in any small corner covered with dust and dirt, it might affect the speed. The speed is interrupted while you sit in the hallway, and the router is miles away from your device. 

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Try to place the router somewhere near the location you use the devices. So that the internet connection is stable and your stream isn’t interrupted.

Interference in wireless signal

Wireless networks are not always perfectly working. A thick wall or any other competing signal may block the stable connection. The wifi signs of your very close neighbor, especially having the same band, may be a reason for interference. Bluetooth devices with a 2.4GHz band can be another reason for interfering with the network. 

Change streaming resolution

If you’re streaming a high-resolution video, it might be a reason for a buffering stream. Sometimes it’s better to stream on a lower resolution to lessen the strain on our wifi. Stream a low-resolution video to reduce the strain on the wifi. 

We understand that you might want to watch your favorite show on full HD resolution, but try to compromise sometimes if you want your stream to be stable.

Delete corrupted cache files

Yes, you heard it right. It is a little weird, but those temporary unknown cache files are interrupting to slow down your streaming service. The cached files clog the local directories, making our devices work harder than usual to provide fresh content. 

These corrupted cache files contain viruses that trap our network’s basic functioning system, leading to interruption. However, it works differently in different operating systems.

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Use local storage

Another way that will work is using local storage. To enjoy continuous streaming without interruption, download the video or show you need to stream. Most streaming apps and websites allow downloading the content you want to watch.

Some might need a premium subscription to download the shows. Downloading the content will help you cope with the poor network and allow you to stream peacefully without interruption.

Exchange the wifi with ethereal cable

Cords and cables are one of the best options if you want an uninterrupted stable connection. An ethereal cable provides a direct wired connection between the device and the router. This one change replacing the wifi with the wired one will double the speed of the stream.

Check the number of devices using the same network.

You might have noticed that your streaming is perfect sometimes but interrupted the other minute. If you have multiple household members using the same network for streaming or working online, it might be a reason for interruption. 

You need not unplug or disconnect every other device. Just schedule the work on the time when others are not using the network. Most service plans can handle more than one device, but sometimes, the speed lessens due to ample pressure.

Do a speed test to know whether the promised speed is being provided 

Several websites and apps allow you to do a speed test of your wifi. Check the speed and ensure that the speed promised to you is being provided to you. If not, you need to contact your network provider immediately.

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Change the router 

Sometimes there is a fault in the router itself. Yo. u might be using an outdated router or equipment, which is causing an interruption in the network. Check the maximum speed your modem can provide. 

Meanwhile, if you bought it more than a year ago and shifted to a new ISP, that might be causing a problem. The other thing is if you’re using a wired connection, check if the speed promised by the provider is being provided.

 Check the unwanted users on your network

We’ve already talked about your household members. But what if some unknown users may be using the network? Yes, your neighbors or other people may have cracked the password and are using the network, so they don’t have to pay for it. 

There are many ways to see if this is the case, including IP access login or other ways to help you change the ID and password of the wifi.


The above mentioned are some tips which can resolve this problem for you. Now, no more frustration. Enjoy high-speed streaming of your favorite shows without the constant nagging of buffering and loading.

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