How Does Digital Transformation Help Your Business Grow?

Total digitalization is leading to dramatic changes in the world – customer expectations regarding the quality and speed of the services provided are growing rapidly. A high level of service is already a default requirement. Consumers value their time more, want to see an intuitive interface and expect instant feedback.

To meet these expectations and go beyond the traditional business, expand the sphere of influence and attract new customers, companies are using digital transformation by integrating new information technologies into the business.

Digital transformation processes

The concept of digital transformation varies widely depending on the specific tasks and requirements of the company. Digital transformation processes can address the following issues: 

  • Experience working with clients;
  • Introduction of digital technologies;
  • Engagement of staff;
  • Rapid response to changes and quick search for opportunities to improve the product

Services may include a variety of tasks, for example, it may be the expansion of customer support using artificial intelligence, implementing automation tools to increase the sustainability of your web project or replacing redundant and conflicting systems with modern and more efficient ones.

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Grid Dynamics services experts have vast experience in problem-solving and business development. Grid Dynamics employs specialists with competencies in all areas of IT. For each client, Grid Dynamics employees develop a unique project implementation plan based not only on a deep study of the subject area, but also on a complete immersion in the specifics of a particular company – its business requests, growth and development plans, documentation, technical constraints, goals and objectives, market competitors.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation

  • Process automation;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Reducing costs.
  • Big risk;
  • Even more innovations.

The company is in need of radical changes that affect many of the business processes that have been running for years. This creates risks. However, the advantages are still more significant. After all, taking advantage of digital transformation, you will achieve great success.

Digital transformation = helping business

The introduction of new processes and technologies is the main task of digital transformation. And all with one goal: staying competitive in an ever-changing technology landscape.

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Productivity increase

New technologies allow you and your company to save time and improve the efficiency of internal processes. For example, the introduction of artificial intelligence will relieve your employees and allow them to engage in creative processes.

Improvement of interaction with clients

In the era of modern technology, customers expect services to always be available: online, offline, by phone and even by fax. Also, it is important for customers to go to the website of the company of interest through the phone and the design should be adapted to this request.

Reduced operating costs

Digital transformation will allow you to solve the following problems/tasks:

  • Work processes that require a lot of energy will be replaced;
  • The cost of expensive equipment will be reduced;
  • Artificial intelligence will help automate work..

The process of implementing digital transformation

For the successful implementation of innovations in a company, the following main steps of digital transformation can be distinguished:

  • Determine the priority area where you need to carry out digital transformation. Emphasis can be placed on improving corporate culture, streamlining workflows, expanding the client base, etc.;
  • Allocate a budget for digital transformation. To begin with, it is necessary to determine the real budget for digitalization, taking into account the expected implementation period of the first stage;
  • Make new appointments. To begin with, it is necessary to determine the real budget for digitalization, taking into account the expected implementation period of the first stage;
  • Post launch support. Keep in mind that employees who are accustomed to working the old-fashioned way can be difficult to adapt, so you will need the help of experts at every stage of change.
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Before implementation, it is important to find a reliable partner and a platform with the necessary functionality. You can get expert help with step-by-step digital transformation using the functionality of the Grid Dynamics platform. For your business – the competencies of our team, cloud technologies, a clear interface, ready-made integration solutions and numerous tools for flexible system configuration.

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