Are You in Need of a Magento Developer? How to Find One?

The website development market, at first glance, is oversaturated with offers. Prices vary from several thousand to several million, and according to the descriptions, all companies are similar to each other but you need to hire a magento development company, so let’s try to understand how to do it.

Search engines

The first and most logical thing to do is to drive “website creation” into a search engine.

The downside of this approach is that most make a website not for a client, but for a search engine. You open such a site – a solid text, where every word mentions the key “website creation”, highlighted in bold.

Advice: open the first pages 2-3 of the issue. Usually there is a lot of slag at the very top of the issue.

Evaluate the developer’s site

The company’s website is its face, and it is relevant for everyone. The developer should have it modern, convenient, and demonstrating the possibilities, you need just that?

Do not buy into all sorts of “we have no time to add a portfolio, but we have already made 200 sites”, “the site is still under development.” There are very few cases when the company has a very large flow of customers and they have no time.

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If a company has a cell phone in contact, it is most likely a freelancer or student, not a company. At the same time, look at all the contacts and addresses of the company, do not be lazy to check in 2Gis or on Google maps what address is indicated. Most often, offices in New York and San Francisco are just residential buildings or office buildings, in which no one has even heard of such a company.

Advice: carefully study the site of the future developer, look and check all the contacts, whether the company has an office and representation, which is indicated.

Portfolio, clients

Most of all, of course, you should be interested in the portfolio section and the list of clients to whom the studio has already provided services.

Look at the latest works that are at the top, usually, the studio itself is proud of these works. Compare the site that is in the portfolio with its working version.

Website creation is just the first step. It needs to be constantly supported, promoted, developed. If the site was developed several years ago, see how it has changed, how much new has appeared on the site, whether it works correctly, look at its positions in search engines.

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It is very important to check the studio’s copyright on the website. It happens that they have nothing to do with development, but add such works to their portfolio. Copyright can be either explicitly – most often in the footer of the site – or simply written in the code. To find the copyright in the code, press Ctrl + U and, using the search (Ctrl + F), look for the developer’s website address.

In the “Clients” section, companies often use tricks or write obvious lies that are difficult to verify. Here are the most common examples:

  • indicated “we made illustrations for Yandex” and several images. The catch is that Yandex did not even hear that someone was making illustrations for them. there was no order, and these illustrations are just an initiative of the studio;
  • section heading “Our Clients and Partners”;
  • large companies with dozens of branches are simply listed and it is very difficult to verify the authenticity.
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One of the most controversial and controversial points is customer reviews on the site. A very small percentage of customers are ready to leave a positive review, because if the service is provided with high quality, then it should have been, but if the developer has screwed up, then you can speak up, but no one will publish such a review.

Most often, the reviews are either completely fictional or written by the developers themselves, and the client simply said “okay, publish it, we don’t mind.” It is completely different – video and audio feedback, the client himself is immediately visible and he will no longer just dictate the text written to him but will insert his remarks.

In any case, reviews should be checked. And you need to understand an important point – a bad review is not always bad, you need to analyze it. Perhaps, on the whole, the review is good, and the negative is aimed at any private moments that will not affect you when working with the company.

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