Want To Show Your Card Matching Skills? Find Out the Perfect Game Here

Before electronic media and digital games came into our lives, a lot of people used indoor and outdoor games as a medium of entertainment. Card games have always been popular among people because the card games can be played with family and friends without any restrictions. The only catch in playing card games is that you will be required to know about the major rules in detail. Apart from that, you need skills while playing card games.

Knowing the rules in any card game is very essential, especially if you are playing 7 card rummy. 7 card rummy rules can help you understand the game in depth. If you are a card game enthusiast, then you may have already heard about 7 card rummy. Among the popular card games, Rummy is the most famous card game in India. After card games like UNO, Freecell and others started to gain popularity, game developers in India started to bring the exciting card games that the Indian citizens are already aware of and at the same time they are well versed with the game rules. 

7 card rummy is not an exception in this regard. The game was already very popular among Indians, and when lots of card games mainly based on rummy started to bombard the Google Play Store and App Store, things took a swift turn, and 7 card rummy rules started to gain more popularity among peers. While playing 7 card rummy in a gaming app, no one will have to wait for people to gather anymore. There are bots and multiplayer options where you can play with other people in real-time.

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Let us learn about the rummy card game and 7 card rummy rules

Being both popular and very successful as a card game, Rummy has attracted a lot of new players over the years, and the game has been played in various regions. With time the original rummy game integrated with the particular regions and their cultures, which in turn gave birth to the other variant of the original Rummy game and 7 card rummy is one of the variants which also have earned enough spotlight to be considered one of the best among popular card games. But it is important to know about 7 card rummy rules if you want to successfully enjoy the game.

Know more about 7 card rummy rules to win cash rewards.

More about the game and 7 card rummy rules

Compared to the original and traditional rummy games, 7 card rummy rules are very simple yet intriguing. To play the game, there is only one primary requirement, and that is to have a complete deck of 52 cards, including the jokers. You will have to display your card matching skills while playing the game, and there is no need for you to keep scoring in this game.

When the game starts, all the players are given 7 cards by the dealers, and the dealing starts from left to right. That means the player who is sitting on the left side of the dealer will receive the cards first, and the person who is sitting on the right side will be the last one to receive their cards. The player on the left side always begins the game, and the whole game proceeds in a clockwise manner.

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Until each player is given a total of 7 cards, all the cards need to be placed face down on the table, or else the dealing will become invalid for the game, and the dealer will have to restart again. All the cards that are undealt will be considered as the stock cards. From this stock of cards, each player can take one card at a time, but the cards should be face-up on the table when dealt with.

The main aim of a player who wants to win the match would be to become the first player who has the required set of combinations. The combination of cards can be of the same or different suits. The first player who completes the combination is the winner of the match.

Rummy games are very popular in India.

The gaming platform you should opt for

There are multiple online gaming platforms where you can enjoy playing card games, especially 7 card rummy. But the number of gaming apps and websites where you can earn money while playing is very low. But with GetMega, everything changes that means players can earn money while playing 7 card rummy. And things do not stop here, everyone can enter this multiplayer gaming platform and play matches. Moreover, players can not only earn rewards just by winning, but they can also earn cash by participating in the matches. 

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The cash rewards are accumulated in the GetMega wallet, and then players can transfer the amount to their Paytm account or bank account after going through a KYC verification. The KYC verification is conducted by the gaming platform to maintain originality and integrity among the players. Also, there is no bot available in this app, so whoever you play with are 100 percent real players.

The scoring parameter for the game

In comparison to the traditional rummy games, the scoring parameter is a little different in 7 card rummy. In this game, the Ace card holds 10 points, and the card numbers 2 to 9 hold 5 points each. The Joker card possesses a whopping 50 points, and the rest of the face cards carry 10 points each. So tread carefully by knowing 7 card rummy rules.

What about the combination?

In this variant of a rummy card game, a player can create a combination of the same or different suits in order to win the match. The player who can form the complete combination of all seven cards at the earliest will win the match.  

If you want to enjoy this particular variant of the rummy game, then you should know all the important 7 card rummy rules and regulations. That way, you can show off your card gaming skills and win cash rewards by playing this game in GetMega.

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