6 Essential Features to Look For In a Gaming Laptop

In recent times, gaming has quickly moved from leisure to a bread earner. From part-time gamers to highly professional ones, people are increasingly getting inclined towards gaming. One of the basic requirements for gaming is the right laptop. Most often upgrading your old system is not feasible. You need to look for a new gaming PC for sale that meets your specific usage requirements. 

A little planning can help you prioritize and narrow down the key features such as display, speed, battery life, etc. Here we describe vital features you should consider before putting your money into your next gaming laptop.


A high-quality display can elevate your gaming experience right away. It makes your play more lively and engaging. You need to assess several factors apart from just the size of the screen.

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The first is the resolution that describes the number of pixels appearing on the screen. Higher-resolution screens provide clearer displays but may escalate the cost. Most gaming laptops provide a 4K screen instead of a standard 1080p standard resolution.

You should also look for the refresh rate of the screen. To get a smoother display, opt for a higher refresh rate. Finally, an OLED display is ideal for gaming as it allows deeper blacks and greater contrast.

Processors (GPU and CPU)

CPU choice is critical and impacts several other factors such as frame rate while playing, application response time, and even battery life. CPUs are also designed for specific use cases such as gaming. You would need at least an Intel Core i7 processor with high speed and clock count. It will also help you Livestream your game.

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GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), works alongside CPU and produces pixels to display images while playing. You would like a GPU with a high frame rate, resolution, and refresh rate.

Storage and memory

Speed is crucial to evaluate the performance of a gaming laptop. For that reason, Solid-state drives (SSDs) are more commonly preferred, as these storages do not have any moving parts and are much faster than their counterparts. These are also long-lasting that elevates the longevity of your gaming laptops. 

When it comes to RAM, go for at least 8GB for gaming and 16GB if you are looking to Livestream. Also, consider the upgradability of your memory to ensure durability.

Machine design

You can find gaming laptops in all sizes and shapes. An important consideration is a trade-off between portability and performance. However, newer models provide you a great balance of the two. Some key design features you should evaluate are build quality, bezel, weight, connectivity, aesthetics, and additional luxury.

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Inputs and ports

Having more ports gives you the ability to expand the functionality of your laptop. You can look for display ports, USB, SD Card, Ethernet, and Audio. Support for Thunderbolt 3 technology allows you to transmit your display through display ports to monitors. 

Also, to derive the full potential of your gaming laptop and get an immersive experience, consider its input/output options. Common options include a keyboard, gaming mouse, audio and headset, and speakers.

Cooling system

Heating systems are common when you are playing games for long hours. A cooling system, therefore, becomes imperative. Modern laptops come with several cooling elements such as fans, vents, pipes, and heatsinks. All these components perform complex functions and are encapsulated in a compact and smaller form factor.

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